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Visit the Finalists page to see the winners! The grand prize winner of MVP Health Care’s Ultimate Game Changer Contest received a $1,000 grand prize (for both the winner and the person who nominated him/her). All Top 10 Finalists attended the Game Changer Awards Dinner, featuring soccer champion Abby Wambach.

Mary Eggers

Nominated by Brittany Arnold

What makes this person the Ultimate MVP Game Changer?

In 2005,I was diagnosed with bone cancer &underwent extensive knee replacement surgery.I was told I would never run or play sports ever again.I was heartbroken,& struggled to gain some sense of my old life back.Then I met Mary Eggers.As part of a local support group,Teens Living with Cancer,Mary led a group of cancer survivors in a 8week fitness program.She taught us how to stay fit,healthy & most importantly she taught us to never let cancer win.Mary changed the game.And guess what? I even ran.